I burned the candle at both ends for five days and made the deadline of April 2nd to enter (on line) a show at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles with my new tapestry from my old design! Phew! I don’t even know when or why I designed it – maybe 20 years ago and for a possible commission. There is no date on it. I changed the little spheres in the human’s hands to hearts and am calling it “Global Healing.” After weaving 273 tapestries in the last 11+ years of landscapes, Indians and Flockettes, I just wanted to weave something different and wasn’t sure what to do when I came across this old design in my portfolio looking for one of my brother Bri’s drawings. What do you think? It’s 20” wide and 57” tall! I don’t even care of it gets in the show – it was just fun to weave.


I also just found this poem (see below) that my brother wrote a long time ago. I am using Bri’s reams of copies of poems for scratch paper and I often read the poems as I put them into the copier. I found it on April Fool’s Day, the day I started the weaving this design. He was schizophrenic and 67 years old. He passed away on Jan 31st this year after suffering the affects of 2 strokes last September. He was a poet and an artist and he will be missed. He couldn’t walk or talk so it is a blessing he is out of pain now. I liked the coincidence of this poem appearing as I was about to copy the color info to weave my new piece. J

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The Egyptians gather again

In the heat of the desert night

And disappear with the dawn

As the string stretches

From your hand

Then onward into infinity

I go where dreams hold dreamers

Like flowers in the snow

These words are secrets that I hide from myself

In thousands of scenes

And under endless millions of stars

As a Chinaman watches

Ageless women dance in the moonlight

In the arc of space

Ours is the promise

For tomorrow is when you made it

And today is here

For as long as these waters flow

I see myself in everything

And everything sees through me

The pattern of the weave

In garments worn by the seed

In this its journey


Brian O’Hara

Sheila O'Hara C 2012-Global Healing 57 by 20 inches- jacquard tapestry
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Assembled by Xian for the LCAC