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Arts for teens, social change, and community-driven design
Surdna Foundation

The Surdna Foundation believes that cultural organizations, programs and projects often provide the opportunity for exploration of values and can act as catalysts for the building of just, sustainable communities. At their best, they contribute to fair access to social goods such as rights, opportunities and dignity.

Currently, Surdna's Thriving Cultures Program will accept letters of inquiry in three lines of work: Teens' Artistic Advancement, Artists Engaging in Social Change, and Community Driven Design. Detailed guidelines on how to send letters in inquiry are on the website.

Ongoing deadline

Contact: Christina Rupp
Grant link:
Deadline: 01-01-2014

The NEA's Big Read: Grants for Community Read Programs
National Endowment for the Arts

The Big Read is a program of the National Endowment for the Arts in cooperation with Arts Midwest designed to revitalize the role of literature in American culture and to encourage citizens to read for pleasure and enlightenment. The Big Read provides U.S. communities with grants and comprehensive resources that support their efforts to read and discuss a single book or the work of a poet.

The purpose of The Big Read is to encourage literary reading and enrich the cultural life of communities. The following information outlines the expectations and requirements for Big Read organizations.

Organizations may apply for grants ranging from $2,500 to $20,000. Grant size will be determined based on:

·        Community population--for example, the suggested grant range for a small community with fewer than 50,000 residents is $2,500-$7,500; the suggested grant range for larger cities or towns is $7,500-$20,000.

·        Number of activities planned--applicants demonstrating innovative and detailed plans to host more than the minimum required activities may be considered for grants at the upper end of the grant range.

·        Overall strength of the application--based on the selection criteria.

Grants must be matched at least 1 to 1 with nonfederal funds. Grant funds may be used for such expenses as book purchases, speaker fees and travel, salaries, advertising, and venue rental. Please see the program budget instructions for more information

Contact: Arts Midwest staff
Phone: 612.238.8010
Grant link:
Deadline: 02-05-2013

Resources for Rural Development: The USDA and the Arts.
U.S. Department of Agriculture

This seminar, sponsored by NASAA and held on February 15, 2012, focused on resources available to the arts through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) rural development programs. These resources included grants, loans and technical assistance services open to arts agencies and cultural organizations. The  seminar contained information about funding streams, upcoming grant deadlines and tips on working with the rural development offices located in your state or region.

To review the seminar slides, follow

For a listing of resources, see:

Deadline: 12-31-2012

Individual Support Grants for Visual Artists
Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation

Since 1976, the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation has been making Individual Support Grants to painters, sculptors and printmakers who have been creating mature art for at least 20 years and who are in current financial need. Grants will not be provided to students, organizations, educational institutions, or artists involved in disciplines other than those previously mentioned, unless their work could be interpreted as painting, sculpture, or print. Grants are available through an open application process and they have been distributed to artists worldwide.

The Foundation wishes to encourage artists who have dedicated their lives to developing their art, regardless of their level of commercial success. This program was conceived in order to recognize and support the serious, fully-committed artist, and we hope these individuals will consider applying. Twelve grants are awarded each year. Applications are reviewed by a panel of five professionals in the arts who have no affiliation with the Foundation.

Contact: Sheila Ross
Phone: 212.226.0581
Grant link:
Deadline: 12-15-2012

Direct Support for Culture Workers of the 99% (AMO) offers direct support to artists and cultural workers dedicated to advancing the stories, struggles and ideas of the 99%. Directly engaged with occupy and other grassroots movements, AMO provides support to cultural workers who seek to impact the national conversation on the Economy, including production grants, distribution, and PR support. AMO aims to support artists across a diverse spectrum of artforms, from visual art to music to public interventions to videos to street theatre and more, while creating a national network of artists focused on exposing the real costs of the current crisis and envisioning a future that puts people before profits.

We are currently offering emergency production grants in amounts of $300, $500, and $1000.

Apply any time. There are no deadlines. However, it will take us at least 1 week to process your application, and if selected, at least another week to distribute funds. So, make sure you leave 2-3 weeks before the time you need the support in hand. We do not make retroactive grants for funds already spent on completed projects. 

Grant link:
Deadline: 12-31-2012

Arts grants
The James Irvine Foundation

The Irvine Foundation announces the third round of their new Arts program strategy: the Exploring Engagement Fund and the second round of their more targeted Exploring Engagement Fund for Priority Regions. They will now have only one round of funding per year — in December — for both funds as they streamline this grantmaking process. This means that if you miss this deadline, the next time you’ll be able to apply is December 2013.

Grant link:
Deadline: 12-03-2012

Grants for Non-Profit Professional Theatres
Shubert Foundation

Not-for-profit, professional theatres in the United States are the primary recipients of Shubert Foundation general operating support grants.

Theatres are evaluated individually and with appropriate allowance for size and resources. The standard for awarding these grants is based on an assessment of each organization's operation and its contribution to the field. Artistic achievement, administrative strength and fiscal stability are factored into each evaluation, as is the company's development of new work and other significant contributions to the field of professional theatre in the US.
Phone: 212.944.3777
Grant link:
Deadline: 12-01-2012

Seed Grants for Teens and Young Adults
Do Something!

Do Something hopes to inspire, empower, and enable teens to convert their ideas and energy into actions that will improve their communities. Do Something! is awarding Seed Grants in the amount of $500 every week to help fund project ideas and programs that are just getting started. These grants can be used to jump-start your program or take your project to the next level. 

Past grantees have used the money to improve a community-run organic farm, publish a youth-written literary magazine for women of color, and even create an organization that teaches sick kids how to fly. Eligible applicants must be 25 OR UNDER, a U.S. or Canadian citizen, and have not won a grant from Do Something in the last twelve months.

Ongoing deadline

Contact: Amanda Ashton
Phone: 212 254.2390 x234
Grant link:
Deadline: 01-01-2014

Geek Alert: Foundation Grants to Individuals Online

From The Foundation Center, a newly-refreshed online tool that helps individual artists identify scholarships, fellowships, and grants to assist with their artistic practice and growth.  Through a partnership with the organization, we're pleased to offer you a free trial run, so check it out!

Quit begging for dollars, and identify potential funders more easily.

From Fractured Atlas, 6/23/12

Kurt Weill Foundation Grant Program

Web Site:

Category: Calls for Proposals
Grants & Fellowships

Each year the Kurt Weill Foundation Grant Program awards financial support to not-for-profit organizations for performances of Kurt Weill’s musical works, to individuals and not-for-profit organizations for scholarly research projects, and to not-for-profit organizations for educational initiatives directly related to Weill and/or Lotte Lenya.


1. Research and Travel
2. Kurt Weill Dissertation Fellowship
3. Publication Assistance
4. Educational Outreach
5. College/University Performance
6. Professional Performance
7. Broadcast.


The annual application deadline is 1 November for the following calendar year, academic year, or cultural season, and applicants will be informed of awards no later than 1 February of the funding year. An additional application deadline of 1 June is limited exclusively to College/University Performance grants for productions taking place in the upcoming fall semester. Applications for support of major professional productions/festivals/exhibitions, etc., will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis without application or performance deadlines.


For more information and guidelines, see: Inquires may be directed to:

The Kurt Weill Foundation for Music
7 E. 20th St. , New York , NY 10003
(212) 505-5240

6 Ways to Find Art Opportunities with Google Alerts

 If you are not familiar with, or have not used Google Alerts to find art opporuntinies, this article can be a very important new tool for you to use on a regular basis. Google Alerts will help you monitor very specific sections and segments in your area of expertise or it can be a great research tool for areas and subjects that you would like to be involved with in the future.

 1. Content Monitoring
2. Monitor Who Is Linking to Your Website & Blog
3. Keyword for Research in your Art Niche
4. Monitor Art News and Opportunities in your Art Niche
5. Target Keywords to Find Customers
6. Reputation Management

Starving artist? Check out USA Projects, a new micro-philanthropy site

 In early December, United States Artists launched their new micro-philanthropy site, USA Projects, which supports the work of award-winning artists in the visual, literary, media and performing arts and provides a platform where people can connect with and support great artists and their next creative breakthroughs. Since the limited alpha launch of USA Projects early this May, more than 75 artists have posted diverse, impactful projects, and to date $200,000 has been pledged by more than 1,500 supporters. FIND OUT MORE

(ARTISTS) Eben Demarest Trust: The Eben Demarest Fund makes one annual grant (never given for scholarship aid) of approximately $15,000 to a mature artist or archaeologist who wishes to concentrate for a time on a chosen field without having to depend entirely on the sale of work or outside employment. The beneficiary is chosen by the Eben Demarest Council. Unsolicited applications from individuals will not be accepted, but applications from organizations or institutions for unusually gifted people will be considered. Write to above address for more details and application. Eben Demarest Council, 650 Smighfiled, Street #240, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Email: Deadline to be announced. ***(Note from Mirabee: here is a case where you could ask an organization that you have a professional relationship with to submit an application for you.)
(WRITERS) Authors League Fund Emergency Funds: The Authors League Fund was established by the Authors League of America, Inc., to help career authors and dramatists in the United States and in financial distress due to an urgent situation. The Fund makes interest-free loans to professional writers in need; for example, writers with health problems and inadequate health insurance, or older writers whose income has ceased. Loan-seekers must show need and documentation of their professional status. Method of contact: telephone, letter or email. Main Phone: (212)268-1208 / Main Fax: (212)564-5363
The Awesome Foundation for Arts and Sciences $1000 Award: $1000 grant for any creative project. This is a pretty simple grant. Here's the deal: you write a 500 word paragraph, stating what you'd like to do with $1000 and they will consider your creative project. They accept these short proposals every month. Check them out:

MetLife Foundation
Grants for nonprofit organizations01-01-2013


Sony Corporation of America
Arts education and arts and culture grants from Sony01-01-2013

Individual Support Grants

Deadline: December 15th

The Foundation wishes to encourage artists who have dedicated their lives to developing their art, regardless of their level of commercial success. This program was conceived in order to recognize and support the serious, fully-committed artist, and we hope these individuals will consider applying. Twelve grants are awarded each year. Applications are reviewed by a panel of five professionals in the arts who have no affiliation with the Foundation. In this program, the following criteria must be met:

Emergency Grants

The Emergency Assistance Program is intended to provide interim financial assistance to qualified artists whose needs are the result of an unforeseen, catastrophic incident, and who lack the resources to meet that situation. Each grant is given as one-time assistance for a specific emergency, examples of which are fire, flood, or emergency medical need.

Pollock-Krasner Foundation

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation's dual criteria for grants are recognizable artistic merit and demonstrable financial need, whether professional, personal or both. The Foundation's mission is to aid, internationally, those individuals who have worked as professional artists over a significant period of time.

The Foundation welcomes, throughout the year, applications from visual artists who are painters, sculptors and artists who work on paper, including printmakers. There are no deadlines. The Foundation encourages applications from artists who have genuine financial needs that are not necessarily catastrophic. Grants are intended for a one-year period of time.

The Foundation does not accept applications from commercial artists, photographers, video artists, performance artists, filmmakers, crafts-makers, computer artists or any artist whose work primarily falls into these categories

Life as an artist isn't easy. We're comfortable with our talent and abilities as artists. We enjoy creating, communicating, and socializing through our art. But we all struggle with the everyday business challenges that are also a part of our world. One of the biggest of those challenges is learning how to market ourselves.

Art For Progress (AFP) is here to help! AFP was created in 2004 by a broad-based group of artists who came to realize by coming together we could leverage our collective relationships while supporting each other through sharing our knowledge and experience. The AFP community is for serious artists who are ready to take a step forward and become part of a dynamic arts community. We offer artists opportunities for exposure through our events and well trafficked web-site, financial support through our grant program,  and valuable resources to enable you to set and reach your goals – whatever those goals may be.

The benefits of AFP's artist membership program include:

• Marketing, and PR programs
• Local and national gigs
• Business resources
• Free admission to all AFP and industry events
• Discounts on gear, services, and merchandise
• Access to affordable health insurance, legal, and banking

For all the details on our membership benefits click here
If you have any questions about membership please contact

Creative Capacity Fund's NextGen Arts Professional Development Grants (Monthly - Deadline 15th)
Center for Cultural Innovation, Irvine Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

The Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI), in partnership with the James Irvine and William and Flora Hewlett foundations have announced the next round of the NextGen Arts Initiative. The NextGen Arts program is offering professional development grants to individual emerging arts leaders and arts organizations to support their emerging arts leadership. 

NextGen Arts Professional Development grants provide up to $1,000 to emerging arts leaders throughout California to enroll in workshops, attend conferences locally and nationally, or to work with consultants and coaches to build the administrative skills needed to lead the nonprofit arts sector of tomorrow.

Arts administrators, artists and board members between the ages of 18 and 35 are encouraged to take the NextGen Survey, which is providing valuable data to arts funders and program providers about the needs of California's emerging arts leaders. Completion of the survey fulfills one of the eligibility requirements to apply for the NextGen Professional Development grant.

The Professional Development Grants are provided every month, with the deadline for application being on the 15th of each month.

Phone: (877) 482-0530
Grant link:
Deadline: 01-01-2013

Pepsi Refresh Project

What's the Pepsi Refresh Project? Pepsi is funding amazing ideas that refresh the world. Dream it, submit it, get enough votes and we'll help make it happen for your community!

Got a refreshing idea? Here's what it takes to get funding:

Four Categories:

Arts & Music
It's your time to shine. Show the world why creative people rule.

Refresh everything from after school programs to lunch menus.

Make your community better for everyone in it.

Pepsi Challenge
Every month, we pose a new challenge question and you show us the solution.

Four Grant Sizes:

$5k Up to 20 Awardees / Month
Great for smaller projects and people working on their own without a team.

$10k Up to 15 Awardees / Month
An amount ideal for medium-sized projects and people with a group or organization helping them.

$25k Up to 15 Awardees / Month
This one's best for larger projects with the backing of a well-established group or organization.

$50k Up to 10 Awardees / Month
Grants at this level are for wide-reaching ideas with groups and organizations putting in significant time and effort.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I work with GOOD, the social impact partner on the Pepsi Refresh Project.  We admire your work, and would love to see your organization or one of your affiliates submit an idea.

Best wishes!

Contact: Carla
Phone: 310.691.1043
Grant link:
Deadline: 01-01-2013

(FILMMAKERS) New Filmmaker Equipment Grant Program
Supports new filmmakers in producing their first serious film project.
The grant awards the use of their Grant Program Arriflex 16SR camera package to senior and graduate thesis students and to independent filmmakers for a scheduled period of time.
Proposed projects may be of any non-commercial nature: dramatic, narrative, documentary, experimental, etc. Phone: (206) 467-8666, Fax: (206) 467-9165, Email: For more info, go to:

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