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21st Annual Quilt and Textile Exhibition at the Lower Lake Schoolhouse

16435 Main Street, Lower Lake, CA 95457
Dates: August 2 - 30, 2014
Reception: August 9, 2014 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm
Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Phone: 707-995-3565

The Lower Lake Historic School Preservation Committee is pleased to host its
21st Annual Quilt and Textile Exhibition from August 2 through August 30,
2014, in the Weaver Auditorium of the Lower Lake Schoolhouse Museum, 16435
Main Street, Lower Lake, CA.

There is a free reception on Saturday, August 9, 2014 from 12:00 noon to
2:00 pm. Come meet the artists and see the spinning and weaving
demonstrations that will delight and educate adults and children about
textile arts.

The museum is now accepting entries for display during regular museum hours
11:00 am to 4:00 pm, Wednesday through Saturday until July 26th. Please pass
the word around.

The exhibit will be installed beginning on July 30th. If you would like to
help with the installation please call the museum at 707-995-3565. The
exhibition will be up August 2nd through August 30th and taken down on
Wednesday, September 3rd. Items can be picked up September 3rd or as soon as
possible thereafter.

Items for sale will be accepted and can be marked as such on the tag. The
Preservation Committee asks a nominal donation of 20% of the sales price on
any sales during the exhibit.

So far, the featured artists include members of the Ladies of the Lake Quilt
Guild, weaver Sheila O'Hara and her weaving class students (Janis Eckert,
Pam Perry, Suzanne Britz, Ellen Hardenburger, Sylvia Anderson, Hana
Musgrove, Lorna Rochman-McEntire, Goldie Pitre, Shellie Taylor and Nancy
Nestegard), and quilter Mary Marion.

Works include quilts, weavings, tapestries, and bags made of handspun and
hand knitted yarn. The public is invited to enter work for the show as well
as stop by the museum once the show opens to enjoy all the items that range
from soft and subtle pastels to bold colors and textures.

For more information, call the museum at (707) 995-3565 and ask for Linda
Lake or Camisha Knowlton

e-mail:  <>

FYI: This is what the State and the City Of Lakeport requires from arts and craft and commercial vendors.


The state requires all sellers to collect the 7.75% sales tax.  This is the “sellers permit” from the State Board of Equalization.  There is no charge for this permit,  just the application  filed.  To obtain this permit on line: Use the web site,;  Click on “sales and use tax”; click on “obtain sellers permit”;  scroll down to “register by mail” and click on BOE400SPA;  print form.

Santa Rosa office, 707-576-2100 


The City of Lakeport requires a one day business license at a cost of $10.  Again on line:;  Click on finance; under the logo, City of Lakeport ,click on business; click on business licensing; on the bottom of the page click on “complete the appropriate  form”; click on one time business license form B-02;  print form.

City of Lakeport, 225 Park.  707-263-3056


If you are a FOOD Vendor, selling eat on site food, or processed food items, you will also need a “Temporary Health Permit” from the Environmental Health Division of Lake County.  Their charge is $59.  This fee is waved for non-profit and  Veterans Businesses.  They are located at: 922 Bevens Court, Lakeport, 95453.  On line:;  Click on Department Directory;  scroll down and click on Environmental Health;

click on Documents and Forms located on the left hand panel; scroll down and click on “Temporary Food Event Application”;  print form.


Both the City and the County representatives were at our event last year checking for permits and health requirements.

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