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Did you say "Wednesday, at Noon?"

        St. John's Episcopal Church in Lakeport on North Forbes St. is presenting  an Advent Concert Series to the community.  The series will begin with Tom Aiken playing his newly voiced Flemish harpsichord on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at noon to 1PM.  Short noontime concerts are a tradition in the Episcopal Church during penitential seasons including Advent and Lent.  They are a way to sit and enjoy beautiful music in the middle of the day before one returns to finish out the work  period.
          The second concert includes Melvin Taylor on the organ, playing a wide variety of musical styles tied to the Advent Season.  His concert will be played on Wed., Dec 11 from noon to 1:00PM.
          The third concert will be on Wednesday, Dec. 18 beginning at noon and ending at 1:00 PM.  Bob Culbertson will be delighting us with his Chapman Stick, playing a variety of music including Christmas Carols.
            A variety of treasures will be available to buy as you leave the concerts.  Parishioners will be baking Christmas goodies and antique shingles from the newly reshingled church will be decorated with pictures of the project.  Some of the shingles are the original 114 year old cedar wood.

Dear Friends,


                As a microcosm of the global celebration in seven continents, the Lake County Summer of Peace 2012 has been proclaimed by the County Board of Supervisors and City Councils in Lakeport and Clearlake as a public mandate to carry out the principles of peace in our everyday work, play and planning for the health, well-being and prosperity of all areas of our exquisite mountain-lake area.  

                You are warmly invited to the Lake County Summer of Peace 2012 Opening Ceremonies next Friday, June 22, with the dedication of  permanent Peace Marker statuaries at both ends of the lake.  The celebrations  will  be launched in both Lakeport and Clearlake.  The Peace Markers  by local renowned artists Rolf Kriken and Tom Carter prompt us individually and as a community to live, work and respond in peace to our personal and community challenges now and in the future.


                The hour-long Lakeport Library Park Ceremony begins at 4:00 pm, and includes  presentations by the Military Honor Guard,  Opening Pomo Prayer,  Renaissance and contemporary musical performances by My Divas led by Claudia Listman, City Peace Chief ;  Keynote speaker Dr. Eugene Tazo, closing prayers and more. . . The Clearlake Austin Park Ceremony will begin at 7:00 pm and end in a candlelight peace walk around the park.  Peace flags created by Carol Prather will fly in both parks.


                Come early and enjoy the vocal and guitar music by Jim Williams (Lakeport Strings and Things) and professional hand drumming by the Rhythm Matters Studio team, drumming us into the  90-Day Summer of Peace.  Four Corners Builders Supply are providing the chairs.  Bring blankets in case needed. 


                May we pause in this opportunity to come together and share ideas of peace.   We look forward to seeing you at the opening ceremonies!


                For more information, please go to


or, for direct access,

in your address line (URL).


In peace and community.


Taira St. John, Director


Art is a journey for me reflecting inner emotions and visuals that captivate my imagination.   

It wasn't until 2002, that I started painting in earnest.  I work in a number of mediums and frequently mix mediums and techniques to achieve a painting that has the right feel. 

Recently, I've been exploring two new abstract techniques that I learned under the tutelage of John Ells. One series is titled “Celestial” and the second “Faces.” I hope they are as thought provoking for you as they are to me. 

Shelby is a retired landscape design consultant and national marketing representative and currently serving as Executive Director for the Lake County Arts Council. In 2008, she was honoree of the Amateur Arts Award in the Stars of Lake County. Shelby and her husband Ed have resided in Lakeport since 1992. 

Pat Hopper's

Ongoing Painting Class
For Adults

Thursdays, 2:00-4:00

1025 Martin Street, Lakeport
Space 32

$10 per class
(Material fee of $1.50 each 5 weeks)

Oils, Pencil and Colored Pencil, Pastel,
Watercolors and Acrylics. Bring your own oils.

Bring your own drawing and watercolor pads.

Class open to beginners and advanced students.
Come and have fun.

Assembled by Xian for the LCAC