De Gustibus Non Disputandum Est!

Links to Artists' Sites in Lake County

We maintain a
page of links to the websites of artists
who live in Lake County.
There is no charge for this service, in fact it is of mutual benefit.
All that we ask is that you put a link to the Arts Council on your site.

We hope that this will provide worldwide access to the artists of the county, as well as another way for artists to get to know each other.

If you are a Lake County artist and want to participate in a link exchange, e-mail the webmechanic and attach your link banner, if you have one, or your URL, and a word or two about yourself.

You can download the image below, and link it to our site at, if you do your own webwork, or if you have someone else maintain your site, have your webmechanic contact me at the contact numbers below.

Assembled by Xian for the LCAC