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First Friday Fling

is an opening reception to meet the artists!
Don't be left out.
Don't stay home and mope.
Come to our gallery and mope ~ much more fun.

Photos from First Friday Flings

Sunny is Sunny on a Friday

These are the wines that we will be pouring at the Flings in 2013

January 4, Lake County wines

February 1, Shannon Ridge Vineyards and Winery

March 1, Steele Wines

April 5, Guenoc Winery

May 3, Mount Konocti Winery

June 7, Thorn Hill Wines

July 5, Rosa de Oro Vineyards

August 2,  Wildhurst Vineyards

September 6, Ceago Estate Wines

October 4,  Lajour & Cougars Leap Winery

November 1, Bell hill Winery

December 6 , Lake County wines

Everyone has a good time
when the public comes to the gallery
for a party.
We get to mix with like-minded souls,
drink wine, dig the art in the gallery,
listen to music,
& solve the world's problems.
This is just what you want.
All of these good things happen
in the evening of the first Friday
of each month.
The doors of the Main Street Gallery
stay open until 7:00 PM or whatever,
and all sorts of people attend.
This is where you find out the
very latest news in the art community!
At a First Friday
Entertainment at a First Friday Fling
Everyone has a good time
Shelby Posada, Diana Liebe, John Eells
Ed Posada pouring wine at the First Friday Fling
Student Artists at the Fling

Assembled by Xian for the LCAC