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We will be featuring a different artist each month, except a few meetings that need to deal with our annual events, Open Studios and Holiday in the Pines.

For more information:

Glenneth Lambert 295-6934

Our next meeting is a party, both a holiday party and a celebratory one for the holiday show. We will meet at the Middletown Senior Center community room as usual, November 12, 7pm.


Please bring a "light refreshment," whatever that means. Like hors oeuvres, I guess. Snack food? Chips? Not meat and potatoes......or soup.....or, whatever.


Let's get together and talk artily.


No December meeting.



CMA has opened their membership to all of the arts, including music, writing, acting as well as the visual arts.
Open to all artists living in Southern Lake County, and to anyone interested in the arts.
And, if you think you are an artist, so do we!
Please join us for art soirees, sales venues, life drawing, and more. For membership info, contact Marge Bougas 928-6461,

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