art news and calls for artists,

This site has information on grants and other news about the arts in California
Sonoma County Library's website, portal to a multi-county internet book search and reservation system, including Lake County.
Find those books you want to read, and have them at your local library quickly.

Barry Hessenius' blog for exchange of information for arts administrators.

I maintain I have spent many years teaching both visual and performing arts, and I love my field of work. I decided to make a website to help up and coming artists who are looking for an MFA degree program. has become a passion project of mine, and I think it provides a wealth of information to anyone interested in getting a masters of fine arts degree. 
Thanks for taking a look!
Lisa Colvert

No-cost Guide to Online Art Schools & Degrees.

This tool contains a ranking of the best online Art schools and programs, a degree timeline as well as tips for finding the right program. 

Our goal is to organize the wealth of information about virtual Art programs to help interested students better understand the customization and flexibility of this degree.

The Hermitage Museum. This is here because I like the site and because they have some beautiful art.
Sell your photos on several stock photo websites.
A great collection of useful links of many kinds, from the U. of Alabama

I find many of these links are obsolete

Lake County Marketing This site has tips on Lake County highlights, and a nice calendar of events around the Lake.
Artcyclopedia The guide to museum-quality art on the Internet. Provides an index of online museums and image archives: find out where the works of over 6,000 different fine artists can be viewed online. "Eden Manus is a still life fine art photographer.  She enjoys creating simple, interpretive photographs through focus on line and form; images that bring to light the inner beauty of both man-made and organic objects."

dArt - The Internet Art Database - Searchable art database.
Loggia - Directory of quality sites dedicated to the arts and humanities.
Monna World Art Gallery - Online database of original artwork, famous museums from around the world, art reviews and art for sale.
Lake County Historical Society
source for stories and images of Lake County

Open Font Library Free cooperative font library
Photography Courses
Australia's leading online educator, courses in freelance photography, digital photography, leading to certification.

Calligraphy Centre .Gorgeous calligraphy and much of interest to calligraphers.

Art Gallery Worldwide
A lot of artworks in different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers to buy and sell their art.
find out more here... - Source for art market and contemporary art information. Provides up-to-date and searchable databases of auction records, gallery exhibitions and artists' portfolios.
Vatican's Art Collection Goes Digital visitors can view entire galleries of the Egyptian museum, the Etruscan museum as well as the Pinacoteca painting gallery, the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel — part of a collection the U.N. culture agency, UNESCO, has recognized for its place in the world's cultural patrimony. A painting school, with special attention to plein air painting, with a very nice simple website. Worth looking into. is a free informational site made for teachers by teachers. We aim to empower prospective, new, and veteran teachers by providing a broad range of information intended to help them thrive and advance in their careers. All content is written by teaching experts and all data is government sourced for objective reasoning.

Here is some more quick information on what provides:
• Detailed information on what it takes to become a certified teacher
• Career information and profiles for jobs within the field of education - including salary and job outlook
• State by state certification/licensing information
• State by state teacher shortage information
• Expert advice via interviews
• Information written by experienced and certified teachers, administrators, and teaching professionals

Page for Artists Links
If you are a Lake County artist
with your own website,
establish a mutual link with this site.
Click here for more info.
Local Arts Teachers (be included; contact us)
Poets &Writers online
The nations largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers

Arts Council of Napa Valley




Lodi Arts Commission

Link to Napa Arts & Culture Master Calendar

Daily international art news and arts information about museums, galleries, and artists.

UK culture and arts magazine. Covers literature, visual arts, music, film and theatre.

International journal of literature, the arts, and opinion. (last issue, 2007)

Art Magazine
Online magazine includes artist portfolios, articles, reviews, and more.

Art Newspaper
Publishes news affecting the visual arts and culture worldwide. Part of a network with correspondents in more than 30 countries.

Art Papers
Selected articles from magazine focusing on contemporary art as a socially engaged discourse.

Art Times
Literary journal and resource for the fine and performing arts.

Offers news and critiques of exhibitions in the visual arts, as well as critics' picks, interviews, archives, and events calendar.

Insider's guide to the art market with daily news, reviews & features, and the Price Database - archive of fine art auction results worldwide.

Arts Desk, The
Updated daily with reviews, news & interviews. Covers grand opera, movie releases and classical music.

Arts & Opinion
Explores contemporary issues and publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and reviews of books, film, music, art, theater.

Arts Editor
Boston based monthly covering the visual, literary, and musical arts.

Arts Journal
Daily arts news from more than 200 newspapers, magazines and e-publications.

Bimonthly New England 's art publication covering regional arts scene.

Artwall Zine
International monthly magazine providing news on contemporary art, music, poetry as well as analyses from independent critics.

Find interviews between artists, writers, musicians, directors and actors.

International monthly art magazine focused on art history. (magazine ceased publishing in 2011, has morphed into a blog, quite interesting, with links on the cobac index page)

European arts and culture magazine and travel guide, with news, reviews, interviews and travel event calendar.
Reviews and commentary on art, architecture, books, dance, movies, opera, television, and theater.

Doodlers Anonymous
Publishes works of non proffesionsal artists in sketching and doodle drawing.

Exquisite Corpse
Art and culture journal featuring poetry, short stories, essays, gallery, and more.

Flash Art Online
Online edition of the print arts magazine with reviews, profiles, news and a forum.

European contemporary art and culture magazine. Includes essays, reviews, columns and Art Fair that features over 150 contemporary art galleries in the world.

Weekly magazine looking into the artistic endeavors of New York City & American artists as well as those from Poland & Europe.

Her Circle Ezine
Online portal of women's creative arts and activism from around the globe.

Identity Theory
Online magazine of literature, music, film, social justice, and art.

Online version of well known pop-art magazine.

naked punch review
Engaged review of contemporary art and thought. Collaboration of thinkers and artists residing in different cities of the world.

New Yorker
Premier magazine featuring in-depth reporting on politics and culture, fiction and poetry, book and film reviews, humor and cartoons, more.

Free online magazine with politics & opinion, travel writing, fiction & poetry, reviews & interviews, more.

International magazine of cultural criticism covering music, television, films, books, video games, computer software, theatre, the visual arts, and the Internet.

Bimonthly magazine published in collaboration with artists, writers, photographers, poets, travelers & others.

Review of arts, literature, philosophy and the humanities.

Scene 360
Online film and arts magazine, which profiles and interviews artists, web designers, filmmakers, and poets with a focus on their career and analysis of the driving forces behind their work.

List of art magazines

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An art magazine is a publication whose main topic is art. They can be in print form, online or both, and may be aimed at different audiences, including galleries, buyers, amateur or professional artists and the general public.

20x20 magazine- London based arts and literature publication

·  Aesthetica - The Art and Culture Magazine

·  American Art Review

·  Aperture- quarterly on photography; based in New York , USA

·  Apollo - monthly

·  Art and Antiques

·  Art and Architecture Journal - founded 1980, re-launched 2005. UK based.

·  Art+Auction

·  Art & Project - leading Dutch art magazine, 1968-1989

·  Artforum - est. 1962 in San Francisco , now based in New York , US

·  Artnet - based in New York , Berlin & Paris (closed , archived)

·  Artibus Asiae - est. 1925 in Dresden

·  Artist Profile - est. 2007, Sydney , Australia . Contemporary art quarterly covering Asia-Pacific

·  Artibus et Historiae - semi-annual journal of art historical research

·  Art in America est. 1913; covers US and international art but concentrated on New York


·  ArtAsiaPacific- covers contemporary art in Asia , the Pacific, and the Middle East

·  Art of England

·  Art on paper -

·  Art Monthly - est. 1976, UK-based coverage of contemporary art

·  The Art Newspaper - est. 1990, international coverage of news from the world of visual arts

·  ART PAPERS, based in Atlanta , US

·  ARTnews - founded in 1902

·  ArtReview - est. London , 1949

·  Arts Magazine – monthly art journal published in New York by Art Digest, Co., 1926–1992

·  Atlantica Revista de Arte y Pensamiento, Centro Atlántico de Arte de Moderno (CAAM) based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, since 1990

·  Australian Art Collector - est. 1997, quarterly magazine covering Australian contemporary and Aboriginal art

·  Australian Art Review - Australian quarterly fine arts magazine

·  Bedeutung - a quarterly publication of philosophy, current affairs, art and literature

·  Blueprint - A London based magazine on design and

·  The Blue Review, a London-based arts magazine published in 1913

·  BAK magazine, bilingual visual arts magazine

·  The Bear Deluxe

·  BOMB Magazine

·  The Brooklyn Rail

·  The Burlington Magazine est. 1903, based in London , England

·  Chicago

·  Constance - est. 2006, based in New Orleans , Louisiana

·  Contemporary

·  Contemporary Art Philippines - bi-monthly magazine covering Philippine visual arts

·  Culture Lounge

·  CUSS -- independent monthly magazine focussing on South African pop culture

·  Daruma Magazine

·  Dialogue

·  Die Insel - 1899-1901, Munich , Germany

·  The Drama

·  Esopus

·  Fillip

·  Flash Art

·  frieze - a London-based contemporary art magazine

·  Hunter and Cook - a contemporary Canadian arts and culture magazine

·  ImagineFX est 2006; based in Bath , UK

·  The Jackdaw, investigative and satirical, London-based

·  Juxtapoz

·  KIOSK - art, design and architecture magazine, est. 2007, based in London , UK

·  Lens Culture - International art of photography, est. 2004

·  McJAWN - an art and culture magazine, based in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

·  Metronome - founded in the 1996 by the Metronome Press in Paris , France

·  Minotaure - (1933-1939) surrealist-oriented; founded by Albert Skira in Paris , France

·  Mir iskusstva - est. 1899 in St. Petersburg , Russia

·  Modern Painters

·  Moving Art Magazine - international art magazine, est. 2007, based in The Netherlands

·  New Art Examiner (1973-2002) based in Chicago , US

·  Nictoglobe

·  NYArts - also known as NY Arts Magazine, est. 1995. a contemporary arts magazine

·  Parkett

·  The Pastel Journal

·  Photosho - Showcase of Canadian Photographers


·  Portfolio Magazine

·  Print Connoisseur - 1920 - 1932; Vol 1#1 to 12#2 , (46 issues - all published)

·  quint- Dubai based arts and culture magazine

·  Raw Vision - UK based, devoted to outsider art

·  Revolutionart - Bi-monthly contemporary art magazine

·  Revue Noire, Paris , 1991-2001.

·  Sculpture - published by the International Sculpture Center

·  Sensitive Skin Magazine - an online magazine of the arts

·  Triple Canopy (online magazine)

·  Third Text, founded by Rasheed Araeen, London

·  TradeArt

·  Wallpaper*

·  Watercolor Artist

·  White Fungus Magazine

·  Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art - an online art magazine

·  X, London , 1959-62.

·  Zingmagazine

Here is the info that CarolLynn plans to post on her website


These artist websites offer originals and some offer print on demand services. The commissions and fees vary.




These websites offer a variety of products, but charge a low commission.


These websites offer a print on demand service.

Art consulting firms and art publishers and licensors are always looking for talented artists for assignments such as hotel projects and licensing contracts with big box retailers. Companies they are currently taking art submissions on their website are... this website,
click on ‘about us’ and then ‘contact’ for the artist submission option)


Here are some good articles on the subject of licensing art.

Photo editing websites that are free and don’t require signing up, but have an option to upgrade to a paid subscription. The free version works fine for simple photo editing.


Here is one more resource that CarolLynn thinks might be very helpful. The website actually has some articles that have useful information.  She included a link to a 'print-on-demand' article and an interview she thought was really good. She subscribes to the newsletter since it's free. She said she will add this to the information to share on her site as well.


1,100+ Places To Sell Your Art

This PDF compiled for artists consists of hundreds of online venues to sell your art, as well as brick and mortar venues listed by US state and by countries internationally.


Deadline: Thu Oct 31st, 2013

Submitted by: Marie Kazalia | Tue Oct 1st, 2013 2:20 p.m.


The last page you'll need on the

Arts Scholarships Links. The text is copied from the sites themselves. Hope this helps. Access to FinAid is free for all users.
FinAid has a stellar reputation in the educational community as the best Web site of its kind. It's comprehensive, it's informative, it's objective--and it's the first stop on the Web for students looking for ways to finance their education. is the Internet's premiere free college scholarship search engine & financial aid resource, connecting students and parents with financial aid opportunities. Our search engine matches your profile with our database of over 600,000 scholarships, from about 8,000 sources, worth over $1.4 billion- finding the most relevant and obtainable scholarship awards. Search results include award summary and a custom application request letter. Recommended by more than 18,000 guidance counselors and financial aid officers, FastWeb is the most trusted college resource on the Web. Last year, one of three college-bound high school seniors used the site, and more than 17 million students have used FastWeb since its launch in 1995. And it's all free.
FastWeb lets students create a personalized profile that can be matched against our expansive databases of colleges and scholarships. As the oldest and most popular free online scholarship matching service, our database has over 800,000 scholarships totaling more than $1 billion. FastWeb also notifies students when new scholarships are added and application deadlines are approaching.
American Institute of
Graphic Arts
The guide was intended to help individuals make decisions about preparing for a career in graphic design. It defines the purpose and practice of the field and identifies the strong links between effective educational programs and effective professional practice. Suggestions are made to help the individual evaluate schools as well as potential employers, and comments from educators and practitioners provide insight into their expectations when evaluating prospective students and employees.
American Society of
Interior Designers
(Some scholarship information. Enter "scholarship" in the Keyword Search box, hit the "go!" button. note by editor.)
Art Institute of California
San Francisco
The San Francisco Art institute is a unique place, committed to a highly specialized art education for a unique group of individuals. As one distinguished alumna recently put it, this is the only place where she could study art "without apology." This dedication to the fine arts has served us, and our graduates, well: For more than 127 years, the San Francisco Art Institute has fostered some of the most eminent artists in the world. was built to further legitimize the online master’s degree in the eyes of students and educators. We firmly believe that fully online graduate programs are becoming a fixture of 21st century education. The hundreds of accredited programs already operating online grow in prestige every day. We believe this site can play a central role in proving how rich an experience earning an online master’s degree can be and, taking things a step further, how successful professional life can be once a master’s is obtained.

Recently, a comprehensive financial aid resource (
was added. It helps prospective students understand how to find and obtain financial aid for their grad program. There is also a Scholarship Directory that users can search for funding opportunities. These resources were created to help students find and obtain financial aid.

An open-access, expert-driven guide to non-profit career opportunities.

We created this guidebook for students and young professionals seeking careers in the non-profit sector. It includes a detailed rundown of specific fields, organizations, and job titles with strong connections to non-profit work. It also discusses the importance of volunteering, and how donating time can serve as a bridge to a full-time, paid position. Other key features of the guide include:

- A full list of non-profit job seeking resources
- Where and how to network to open non-profit doors
- Must-have information for volunteering internationally

Americans for the Arts Job Bank Searchable database of nonprofit and for-profit arts management positions at organizations across the U.S.
Lighting Designer Job Resource The job of a Lighting Designer varies from project to project and is unique to the type of show they are working on, but they all have some things in common. First things first, all Lighting Designers must get the gig. Searching for jobs can be an overwhelming task, which is why we’ve compiled a list of websites that post lighting design and theater-related job and internship opportunities.
Here is a bunch of websites with nonprofit and arts jobs all over... (American Association of Museums) (International Society for the Performing Arts Foundation) Searchable databases of Arts resources
contributed by:
Suzanne Ruley
City of Clearwater
Cultural Affairs
AFTA Arts Education List

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