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Dear LCTC Members,


Hello! I’m Barbara Garrett, and I’m your new Membership director. If you would please join me on the lido deck, I’ll…


No, sorry, wrong show.


Hello! I’m Barbara, and I’m the new person in charge of keeping track of membership. So the good news is, you’re all current members in good standing! Yay for you! In recent years, membership has unfortunately been neglected, with updates and renewals going untracked. Due to the situation, I, with permission of the LCTC board, entered both the stack of membership forms collected during our last four productions and members from lists of previous years. It’s all in a shiny new Access database I’ve designed as I learn the program, and Voila! We have a membership roster of nearly 200 people! That’s pretty cool, I have to say. The numbers, not my shiny database.


I am writing this letter as both information and introduction, but also as the first in a regularly-scheduled newsletter. My main motivation for offering to take this all over was to establish contact with all of you and let you know not only what we’re doing, but what you could possibly help out with.


To conclude the previous subject, as a reminder, all LCTC memberships will expire at the end of June 2015. Renewal and new members cost $20 for general members, and $10 for students. There are also higher levels if you were to graciously choose to donate more to your theater company, but I will provide more on that subject when the time is nearer.


Another event approaching is board elections, which will also occur in June of this year. More information will be going out in April, including how to run for a spot on the board and more on what being a board member would entail.


Now for the main reason I wanted to write this. Perhaps you’re wondering how you could get more involved. Maybe you’d like to try acting, directing, producing. Maybe a role behind the scenes is more your cup of tea. Maybe all you can do is help out one day on some weekend with building and/or painting a set. Maybe you’d just really like to be kept apprised of when we’re doing shows, when we’re having board meetings or parties, etc.


Well, I plan on filling you in on all of that! Because let me tell you, if you want to help, we need it. We want it. We would love your help. After all, this is as much your group as ours. Those of us involved more deeply would love for you to show up and help out, even if all you do is help paint flats or hold them up as others screw them together.


Oftentimes, moving from where we construct a set and putting it up takes many long hours, even whole weekends. And that is unfortunately due to a lack of help. But how can we get that help if others are unaware we need it? How can we build a team to help out on a set if no one is aware that we’re building a set in the first place?

So going forward, as part of these newsletters, I, or whomever ends up writing them possibly with me, will include information on upcoming projects and productions along with contact people for you to touch base with. We promise, we are all welcoming, we don’t bite even if we seem bitey at times, and we would love it for more to get involved.


As a last piece of business, I would like to put out a plea. As I pointed out above, much of our current membership list is off of old and regrettably incomplete lists. I will be sending this to all emails I have found, and for those without emails, I will be posting physical letters. So hopefully I have your current information. If you are receiving this, I likely have at least some current information. But perhaps you have a new email address, or you’ve moved in the last couple of years and would like to update or change your info? Please, let me know in a new message Do not reply to this message directly unless you know how to reply to only me, simply so you don’t actually give everyone on the list your new information. Unless you want to do that, in which case, go for it!


Or, to be honest, you can wait the few months and update your information when you renew your membership. Which we sincerely hope you do. On the forms you will be receiving via postal service, there will also be a section where you can tell us ways you’d be interested in being involved, and I will be adding that information to the database so we can look you up and drag you in with us. That’s how it happened for me, I was dragged in and here I am, doing office-type work. It’s crazy, trust me.


And, if you perhaps know someone who used to be a member and is no longer in the area, feel free to let me know. Or if you know someone who is interested in being a member but may not be on the list, let me know. In other words, help us figure all of this out if you can. We would greatly appreciate all of the help.


And I lied! One more piece of business.


I’m happy to announce our next production, which will be our first Night of One Acts. It will be comprised of seven different one-act plays by different directors: Marg Brooks, Tim Fischer, Will McAuley, Margie Loesch, Chris Griffith, myself, and Slade and Patricia Linden. Tim Barnes will be the overall director, and the touchstone for those of us first-time directors who may need a little tutelage. Performances will be held June 5, 6, and 7 at the Weaver Auditorium at the Lower Lake Schoolhouse Museum, and June 12, 13, and 14 at Gard Street School in Kelseyville.


Needed for the play are approximately 10 women and 12 men, ranging in age from 14 to “of mature age”, to put it politely, along with a couple of backstage hands. Auditions will be held on April 11 at 11 a.m. and April 15 at 6:30 p.m., at Gard Street School. The address is 5138 Park Ave in Kelseyville, right next to the Kelseyville USD Bus Barn. We will have pages from the pieces for anyone auditioning to read from, but feel free to come in with something prepared if desired. The plays all fall in the comedy column, so do come prepared with your funny bone. Rehearsal schedules will be decided after auditions.


I will be sending out another email message about a week before the first auditions as a reminder, along with short blurbs about each of the pieces. There should also be an article in the Record-Bee with dates and times. If you have any questions, feel free to email using the above-mentioned email address, or if you are Facebook savvy, we have a page there where to can ask questions and receive more information. The Facebook address is at the bottom of this letter.


Thank you, and we look forward to hopefully getting to know you.


Barbara Garrett



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