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Hello LCTC members!!


Here’s the quick note I promised in our first newsletter. I promise to make these a little less “GIANT BLOCK OF TEXT” at some point in the future, hopefully soon, but right now I’ve got so much going on!! But a quick bullet list of what’s going to be in this quickie:

1.      1. Announcement of Fall Production.

2.       2.Reminder concerning upcoming elections.

3.      3.Reminder about auditions and blurbs of the pieces in our upcoming Night of One-Acts.

1. Our next production will be Arsenic and Old Lace. This will be a production for mainly teenagers, but we will definitely need anyone’s help who can! More information to come. Auditions will be in May, rehearsals to start in August, and performances will be in October.


2. Again, elections are coming! As are membership renewals. If you are interested in joining the LCTC board, please contact us at this email,, with questions. I will be sending out another newsletter shortly with more details. And of course, our board meetings are open to the public, so feel free to stop by! Our next meeting is this Sunday, April 12, 2015, at 6:30 pm at Gard Street School Multi-purpose room.


3. And now, here are short descriptions, written by the respective directors, of each piece in our Night of One-Acts:


The Grady & Oliver Show – Episodes One and Two, dir. and written Camm Linden


Oliver is a proper gentleman, careful and refined. Grady is Oliver's happy-go-lucky friend who takes comfort in wearing an old tweed trench coat that is two sizes too large. This vaudevillian-esque duo banters with their wits rather than resorting to pratfalls and slapstick.


In Episode One, the pair visit a local eatery and encounter Marcie, a glazed-over waitress who maintains a calm demeanor underneath her cat-eye glasses.


In Episode Two, these reluctant chums find themselves patronizing a high-end clothier run by the elegant British-born proprietor, Monty. They are joined by Renoir, a fashionable city slicker intent on helping Oliver teach Grady proper manners.


Patient Confidentiality, dir. by Marg Brooks

This humorous and slightly wacky play is about psychiatrist and three of his patients whose lives are filled with complicated and funny problems.  How these problems are resolved and the way the Dr. eventually works it out…well, we’ll see, won’t we.


Dr. Stewart: Late 40’s to 50. Casually but well dressed. Ken:  40ish, slightly flamboyant in manner and dress. Felicia:  40ish, pleasant, well dressed, loves Xanax. Woodrow:  Late 40’s, early 50’s.  Dressed in business attire.


Post-its: Notes on a Marriage, dir. by Barbara Garrett

A life together told through the post-it notes left on pillows, fridges, mirrors, and doors. The good times and the great times, and the times that make life what it is, beautiful and weird and bittersweet. One man and one woman, the older, the better.


Porcelain and Pink, dir. by William McAuley

A farcical comedy written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the play centers around the Marvis sisters. Julie, the youngest, is bathing in the front room of their house. Lois, the eldest, is soon going for a walk with a potential suitor. But when the young man in question mistakes Julie's voice for that of Lois', hijinks ensue. The Narrator--The individual who sets the stage for the audience and begins the show. Any age and gender. Julie--The flighty and youthful Marvis sister. Actress must be willing to trick audience into thinking she is naked. Age: 17-20. Lois--The mature Marvis sister. Age: 18 at the youngest, 21 at the oldest. What matters is that Lois appears slightly older than Julie. The Young Man--The educated fellow who has interest in Lois. Actor must be open to wearing a fake mustache. Age: 16-30.


ONE TENNIS SHOE, dir. by Tim Fischer

Harvey needs to broach a delicate subject with his wife. He claims Sylvia is becoming a bag lady, but she protests that her Bloomingdales' shopping bag doesn't make her a bag lady. No, says Harvey, but the picture frame, couch cushion and single tennis shoe retrieved from the garbage do. Not to mention the cold cooked oatmeal in her purse. (1 man, 1 woman.) Written by Shel Silverstein.


Master Poisoner, dir. by Chris Griffith

The story of the Master Poisoner and his apprentice as they discuss the values of death, life, and the thrill of the kill. Then enters the next victim, Fana, but the tides have turned, and Fana becomes the personification of death and punishes the Master for his treachery. One man, age 20s-60s; one younger man, ages 13-20s; Fana, 14-20s.


Happily Ever After, written by Teresa Loesch, dir. by Margie Loesch

A romantic comedy about an unscrupulous computer matchmaking service owner and the dangers of not reading the fine print before you click. Mary--female any age 30's on up; Miss Ellen Carter--female 25+, a dissatisfied client, sarcastic to the point of rudeness; James--male 20+, good looking but dim witted; Mr. Brian Lordell--male 25+, another dissatisfied client, sarcastic to the point of rudeness.


Saturday, April 11, 2015, @ 11 am, and April 15, 2015, @ 6:30 pm, at Gard Street School Multi-purpose room, corner of Gard and Park in Kelseyville, right next to the Kelseyville USD Bus Barn. Rehearsal schedules will be set once casts are set. Performances will be the first two weekends of June.


Sorry this was so long again! I promise, once we get, or rather, I get more into the swing of things and not playing a big game of catch-up, these will get a little less scary.


And again, if you know of anyone who has any interest in our organization, feel free to give them this email. Or if you think you know someone whose information has changed, or information has changed, please, let me know.


Thank you, and hope to see you at one or both of the rehearsals for our upcoming Night of One-Acts! Don’t forget, you can come even if all you are interested in is helping out back stage, or with the technical aspects.


Barbara Garrett




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