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to Salituri Gallery website Gail Salituri a lake county resident of 21 years is pleased to present some of her very own originals online for viewing pleasure.

Gail also owns "Inspiratons Gallery" located at 165 N. Main Street, Lakeport Ca.

A professional artist of 25 years, her work is displayed in galleries throughout California. Recently she was accepted into the Lee Youngman Gallery in Calistoga where she is establishing an elite following as well as in Lake County. Gail's latest works tend to lean towards a painterly plein air feeling, full of color and vibrance.

to Nick Hare' website

I've been in the sign business here in Clear Lake for 26 years. My interest in computer graphics started in about 1988, writing a program to display colorful graphic numbers for my then 3 year old step son. A few years later, I got a computer system powerful enough to do sign work and and started hobbying with paint programs.

Randy Hare

to Angela's webpage
I was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, my interest in art developed at an early age. I work in a diversity of styles, media, and subject matter from Illustrations, Commissioned Art, Portraits, Wall Stenciling, Small Murals, Trompe L'oeils, to Digital Imaging, Graphic and Web Page Design.
Angela Gomez Rubio

Kit Dee is a local muralist, and has been painting for some 30 years. It doesn't matter whether large or small murals, interior or exterior, commercial or residential- scenery or trompe l'oeil, even faux finishes Kit does it all!

Kit moved from the Bay Area to Lake County in 1996 with her husband, Tony. Although mural painting is her passion, she also enjoys sculpting, topiary and writing. She has a novel which is set in Lake County, and available in e-book form. The name of her business is Murals 'n Stuff by Kit Dee. Feel free to wander leisurely through her cyber gallery located at muralsbykitdee

Magi Osborne
Magi has been an integral part of the Lake County art scene as teacher, mentor, visionary and student. From leading students in her home studio to exhibiting art at shows throughout the region, Magi has always enjoyed the simple pleasure of sharing her inner artistry.
Gregg Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
Art and Function for Life Established 1983
Gregg Lindsley at the wheel
Earth and Fire Pottery is committed to producing the finest stoneware, porcelain and raku ware possible, ware that is physically satisfying to the touch, useful in everyday life, and spiritually satisfying to the soul.

Steve Lundquist
These Walking Sticks are hand- crafted by Steve Lundquist a well- known Lake County Woodcarver. Each is an original one of a kind Walking Stick created from native woods found in the North Coast Mountains of California.

Steve Lundquist has passed away, and the solid quality of beauty in Lake County suffers for it. He will be missed.
LCAC editorial comment

Preson W. Fennell
I learned to weld and torch at about age 7. By age 18 I started to work as a professional metal fabricator. By age 30 I had gained much knowledge in many disciplines of metal working, but I couldn't stand the environment... so I fired my life. I went back to college and along the way, took a sculpture class. It felt like I had been training for most my life to build metal sculpture. Preston W. Fennell
Bill Bluhm
Bill Bluhm's Heartwood Arts was founded in 1981, inspired by the Waldorf School pedagogy and the artistic and architectural indications of Rudolf Steiner. Created with the needs of the child in mind, our toys nourish the imitative and imaginative capacities of the unfolding child. They warm the heart and engage the hands in healthy play and are found in homes and schools throughout the world. Our natural finish is composed of beeswax and linseed oil.
Karen Turcotte Williams
I arrived at my conceptual perspective through a certain cynicism that ecology and history teach. A background in horticulture has taught me to respect the fragility and beautiful cruelty of nature's evolutionary web. As a student of history I understand the inevitable repetition of conquering and destruction man has sustained for millennia. My message is a contrast between primordial forms and colors, and the preternatural chaos of man's dominance. Nature is the ultimate sculptor. Using natural materials in unexpected ways, I strive to invite the viewer to take a closer look at their place in the world.
Karen Turcotte

Rolling Ball Sculpture

Wire art that captures the mind and frees the imagination

Kinetic artwork is nothing new, something we come across every now and again.

It is a wonderful thing that very few of us get a chance to experience, and enjoy.

Textile artist Cynthia M. Parkhill works in south Lake County as managing editor for the Clear Lake Observer American. Her interests include period costume, crochet, lace-making, card- and inkle-weaving and macrame jewelry. She and her husband Jonathan Donihue, a certified massage therapist and reiki master, are building a home in the Clear Lake Riviera.

Your gateway to a one-of-a-kind experience with Natural Stone Furniture. Stonewood Designs was born out of the inspiration provided by the earth’s most beautiful and enduring materials: the stunning elegance of natural stone.

Susan Finch Laymon
Whimsical Ceramics
I am not a photographer, I am an artist who chooses to use a camera in lieu of a brush and nature as my palette.
Come walk thru my world filled with Nature's beauty and life's whimsey at
My work can also be viewed at Lakeside Art, Harbor village Artists, Lucerne

Sunny Franson
I currently live on a small walnut acreage and feel connected to earth and surroundings. I began painting about six years ago, when the activity helped me through some rough times. It grew from there; I am basically self taught. Each painting experience is a learning experience. My educational background includes anthropology, music, ethnomusicology and wildlife biology.

Laughing at Her Image by Ron Keas
Ron Keas was born in Salinas, California in 1943. He is a photographer, artist, and musician. Ron produced a DVD titled Lake County Paradise, Summer/Fall. He introduced it to the Visitor Center in Lucerne, and they have been selling it, and showing it on TV ever since. Next came Ron's fantastic Lake County Winter/Spring DVD. His site shows these, 3-D photographs, portraits in oil, including portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana.

Barbara Levasseur tile
Frozen in Fire creates hand painted ceramic tile. Frozen in Fire is unique; not only are the designs created by renown tile artist Barbara LeVasseur, each tile is painted entirely by hand in sparkling transparent glazes then high fired for a permanent durable finish.
Capturing the Beauty of Nature

Photographing wildlife and nature has become a passion for us, and we hope to have captured some of its beauty and excitement. We are trying to produce a site that you will want to return to again and again, and will be updating our site frequently in hopes of providing you with a wide variety of photos.

The Cobb Mtn Artists is a non-profit artist group to promote the common interest of local artists and the enrichment of the community by providing local events and venues for the appreciation of art.
Cobb Mountain Artists is a group of craftsmen and artists living around the village of Cobb Mountain. We are diverse, including painters, photographers, potters, jewelers and more! Please enjoy the artist pages and don't forget to check out our show schedule.


I want to see all the way into the essence: to express with color and brush stroke the feelings flowers and vines, trees and rocks, inspire in me. Inspiration comes from many angles and I aspire to understand and interpret those inspirations, to express a completely personal vision.
Joan has received many awards in local competitions, and she has exhibited her work at the Main Street Gallery in Lakeport, as well as other venues in the Tri-County area. She is a member of the Lake Co. Arts Council, Konocti Plein Air Painters, and the Pastel Society of the West Coast. Her work is on display at the Konocti Art Gallery in Lucerne, Ca.
In 1982, after traveling accross America to study with Master potter Dean Strawn, Gregg Allen Lindsley found his life's work in the art of Ceramics. Since then, he has been creating functional pottery for personal and commerical use.

Gregg teaches Ceramics both at Earth and Fire Pottery studio, and at Mendocino College in Ukiah, California. He is also former President of the Potters Council, devoted to helping studio potters and everyone who works in clay expand skills and grow businesses.

Internationally recognized textile artist, Sheila O'Hara, moved from urban Oakland, CA, to rural Lake County in 2000 with her husband, Bill Fredriksson. The clean air and the beauty of the changing seasons provide a creative, inspirational environment. At her home studio between Lower Lake and Middletown, Sheila teaches weaving and also creates her own tapestries. Enjoy viewing her website or see her work in person at the annual September Bluegrass Festival and October Harvest Festival in Lake County. You can always visit her studio year round. Contact Sheila at 707-994-0790  or
Diego's gallery

Welcome Friends and Visitors,

 Diego Harris is an artist who lives in Lake County and sells his art in both Lake and Mendocino counties. 

Diego has a gallery in Upper Lake called Diego's Gallery where he displays a variety of his art and art by his parents, Sherry and Derek Harris (aka) Rojax.

Christalene Loren creates monumental and architectural sculptures in cement, cast and fabricated bronze, and two part epoxy resin. She teaches workshops at Santa Rosa Junior College/Community Ed and at her studio at the future location of the Psi Keep Center for the Arts.  Her art credo can be summed up in three lines: “Reach for the vision. Let nothing stop you until you make it real. Then Let it go.”  Her work can be viewed at her web site at and at her studio.

She can be contacted at: 

Lakeside Art
Harbor Village Artists, Lucerne , Calif.

We are a co-op gallery located at the harbor in Lucerne .

Lakeside Art features the work of six local artist spanning a variety of mediums, including oils. acrylics, photography, jewelry and milinary design. Stop in and say Hi or..

View our website at

In addition to their own solo careers, Kevin Village Stone and Lindy Day have recently partnered under their indie label Whispering Light Music in live performances, recording, and co-writing from their home base in Lake County California.

Due to public demand and recording, Kevin currently accepts only a limited amount of bookings for concerts, weddings, art shows, wineries, restaurants, in-store promotions, casinos, events, and private parties. For more information, click here.

Hidden away in Northern California, between the Coastal Redwoods and the High Sierra Mountains, at the northern edge of wine country, lies the county of Lake. Rich in western heritage and diverse in geographical features, we truly enjoy making this our home.

Home is the foundation of Geare Studios. We appreciate and encourage the unfolding of gifts and creativity we see in one another.  We look for the “Spirit-line” (an old pottery term) in our work — that point where design moves beyond what is formed by natural abilities, to what is formed by the Spirit.

Lisa Kaplan, Artist and Art Educator

Into the Difference Studios/Drawing the Inside Out

Join us for an adventure in artistic expression and self exploration. Connect to deeper layers of self as we draw the inside out onto paper. Learn about others work as well as your own as we explore the principles of art and design.

All levels of drawing experience welcome! Drawing materials provided.
Niniane Kelley is a fine art photographer living and working in her native San Francisco Bay Area. She is a graduate of San Jose State University with a BFA in Photography. Drawn to photography for both the immediacy of the image making process and the intrinsic alchemy of the darkroom ritual, she crafts her imagery using traditional 19th century processes which gives each piece its own unique character. Focusing primarily on the human figure, she investigates the universality of the form and its relationship with the natural world.
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to Xian's webpage
Xian and Susan Yeagan are a multi-talented duo. Between them, they paint in oils, acrylics, and pastel; they diamond-engrave on glass and gemstones, do lapidary, and make jewelry. Xian is currently the webmaster of the LCAC website.

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