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     The Konocti Fiddle Club plays for all occasions.

    Club members are fiddle students of all ages.

   Presentations include a variety of old-time fiddle hoedowns, reels, jigs, waltzes with guitar and keyboard accompaniment. Styles include Old-time, Irish, Bluegrass, Blues, Swing, Cajun, Country, etc.

      Some selections are played by the larger group (15 to 20), and some are solo or smaller group numbers. Konocti Fiddle Club members can perform with a variety of instruments in addition to their fiddles, such as banjo, mandolin, pennywhistle, bodhran (Irish drum), keyboard, guitar, wash tub bass, and rhythm instruments.

     Family members, teachers, and friends join the students in performances and help with announcing, sound and organization of events, making it a fun family affair.

     Konocti Fiddle Club is sponsored by Skelton’s Music and most members are students of Andi Skelton.

For information contact Andi at Skelton's Music     707-279-4336

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