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Second Sunday Cinema

This amazing documentary won an Emmy & many other awards and was nominated for an Oscar as Best Documentary!

We're all aware of the flood of scared, hurting and hopeful youngsters who are heading for the US border. In this film WE RIDE WITH THEM on the back of La Bestia - The Beast - as the train heads north through Mexico, covered in children! This beautifully shot film focuses on a few children from Central America. Why do they head north? Honduras, for example, endures an annual murder rate of 90 per 100K people, while the US rate is only 4.8. One teacher sums up the importance of this film very well:

I was overwhelmed not only with the subject matter but with impact of this beautifully executed film. As a teacher educator I was struck by how most of our teachers can not know what is beyond the faces in their classrooms. Yes, these children reflect lives that are beyond our understanding - lives full of experiences that we can not fathom nor relate to but they reflect so many gifts, so many funds of knowledge, so much determination, so many important values, and such strong character. I will use this film to help our teachers understand what is behind those eyes and in those minds. That our job is to help them to unleash their potential in the structure of our schools. Gracias for an important resource that goes beyond just changing policies but to changing mindsets. Ellen Riojas Clark, Ph. D.

As always, these films are free.  Come for both films or just one. Each is about an hour long. Our venue is the Clearlake United Methodist Church at 14521 Pearl Ave. Clearlake.  The date is Sunday, July 13.  Doors open at 5:45 PM with the first film starting at 6PM.  Info: 889-7355

On the second Sunday of every month Second Sunday Cinema shows free films!


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