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Second Sunday Cinema


On September 14, thirteen years after the tragic events of 9/11, Second Sunday Cinema will show two free films that may cause us to think seriously about what happened on that sunny autumn morning in NYC.

In the first film, "Speaking Freely, Ray McGovern, a high-level CIA analyst shares his (genial but still serious) views on the changes in the Agency when Geo. Tenant became Director.  In its earlier days, the CIA gathered, analyzed and shared important information.  When Tenant took over, the Agency became politicized, and sometimes "found" information to suit the agenda of the White House.  It also began secret "operations".

Our second film looks at famous false flag operations around the world and how they were created and used to fan the flames of war. We will end the film after this historical review and set up a round-table discussion considering how the two films might shed some light on what happened on 9/11/01.  Our venue is the Clearlake United Methodist Church at 14521 Pearl Ave, Clearlake.  The date is Sunday, 9/14; doors open at 5:45; film at 6PM.  Info at 889-7355


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