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Second Sunday Cinema


The Best Of Men


Second Sunday Cinema (in Kelseyville) Shows The Best of Men on Sun. Jan 11

SSC begins its new series of free films in KELSEYVILLE with the uplifting drama based on real-life, The Best of Men".  Following WWII, many severely injured English soldiers were warehoused in "hospitals" where the only "treatments" were doses of painkillers and sedatives so heavy the vets lay semi-conscious in their beds all day and night.  


A high-energy Jewish/German doctor, Dr Guttman, fled the Nazis and accepted a position caring for these men.  And the changes began!  He had to fight the medical staff, entrenched in their "expert knowledge" that these men were incapable of ever living a life.  He also had to inspire the vets themselves, who had settled into an angry or passive despair.


Dr. Guttman was so confidant, so high-energy and so good-humored that after a rocky start, positive change became exponential.  Soon the young men were up and about and even involved in wheelchair sports.  And this blossomed not only into the first Paralympics, but into their own free lives.  Dr. Guttman's real-life example will have you cheering and perhaps inspired to follow the dreams that YOU believe in!  NOTE: With our move to the Kelseyville United Methodist Church our films now start at 3pm.  What has not changed is the warm, welcoming atmosphere, the snacks, and the opportunities to meet your friends and get to know your neighbors. WHERE:  The Kelseyville United Methodist Church, 3810 Main St across from The Saw Shop restaurant.  WHEN:  Sunday, Jan. 11  3PM.  Info: 889-7355.  Lively discussions follow the films. 


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