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Second Sunday Cinema

"The Queen of Versailles" & "Bonsai People"
free films for 10/12


We've been hearing a lot about economic inequality recently.  These two films really bring the absurd, tragic reality home.  "The Queen of Versailles" focuses on Jackie and David Siegel, Florida billionaires currently inhabiting a mansion of a mere 26,000 square feet.  Jackie, the "perfect trophy wife" and would-be royalty, is unapologetic about spending $1 million/year on clothes.  BUT -- wait for it -- they're building a palace of 90,000 square feet.  We'll see only the first half hour of this madness.


Then we switch worlds.  In Bangladesh there are women so poor there is sometimes no food at all for the kids -- and no money for a simple palm thatch repair for the roof of their hovels.  Seeing this reality, banker M Yunus started making microscopically tiny loans out of his own pocket.  The repayment rate was, and is, a wonderfully high 98%.  These micro loans are so needed and successful that they grew and grew and currently Yunus' Grameen Bank is loaning money to one out of every 1,000 people on the planet.  This success story is inspiring and uplifting. Thinking outside the proverbial, limiting box can make huge positive differences in people's lives.  And this bank has also initiated localized social movements to empower women and improve health and education.  Our venue is the Clearlake United Methodist Church at 14521 Pearl Ave in Clearlake.  The time will be Sunday, October 12 -- this coming weekend. Doors at 5:45; film at 6PM.  Info at 889-7355.  And of course it's all FREE!

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