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Second Sunday Cinema

The House I Live In is SSC's Do Not Miss Free Film for 11/9

This film, directed by Eugene Jarecki, won the highest honor at Sundance: the Grand Jury Prize.  It focuses on the War on Drugs, started 40 years ago by Richard Nixon and cause of great misery and expense to our society.  Since its inception, it has cost us over ONE TRILLION $, resulted in 45 MILLION drug arrests and the destruction of entire communities, not to mention families and individual lives.  


BUT -- hasn't it reduced our consumption of illegal drugs?  Not at all.  According to the experts in this film, there are more drugs available now than ever -- and they're stronger and purer as well. 


FULL OF LOVE & HEARTACHE, THIS FILM WILL HAUNT YOU FOR A LONG TIME!  Somehow, this beautifully made documentary fills one with compassion, NOT helpless depression.


At the start of the film we believe that the "House" referred to is prison.  But when we hear Paul Robeson sing the eponymous song at the end of the film, our hearts open to a full, much larger understanding.


WHERE:  Clearlake United Methodist Church, 14521 Pearl Ave, Clearlake

WHEN: November 9th, Doors at 5:45; Film at 6PM Info:  889-7355



Important Note:  In January of 2015, Second Sunday Cinema is moving to the Methodist Church in Kelseyville!


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