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About the Lake County Arts Council

Members of the LCAC Board of Directors

Executive Director: Shelby Posada, 263-1871;

Board of Directors:
Treasurer — Betty Lou Surber, 263-4721;,
Secretary — Susan Krones, 263-2251;
Mike Adams, 279-9191;;  
Bob Carpenter;
Bonnie Ewing, 263-4738;
Bert Hutt, 263-6016;
Interim Board President, Peter MacRae, 263-6038;

Staff and Office Volunteers:
Betty Lou Surber, The Great Oz;
Barbara Funke, Gift Shop;
Rosemary (toni) Hyden -  Wine Marketing
Marilyn Sommerfied, Host Coordinator, 279-1171
Susan Yeagan, Membership Coordinator

LCAC Media:
Lake County Arts Council site Webmaster and Editor, ArtNotes — Xian Yeagan,
Soper-Reese Community Theatre site Webmaster -- Wally Fuller

Gallery scheduling
Richard Seisser, is in charge of scheduling artists to show in the Gallery

Gallery Committee Members:
Barbara Lee, Chair
Barbara Funke, Secretary
Judy Cardinale, Terry Durnil, Toni Hyden, Diana Liebe, Shelby Posada, Richard Seisser

Soper Reese Theatre

Mike Adams, Theatre Executive Director
Wally Fuller, General Manager
Carol Hays, Business Manager & Marketing
Jane Ruggles, Box Office
Nancy Rhoades, Concessions
Andrea Adams, Volunteer Manager
Nina Marino, Fundraising Chair




Here we are in full Autumn and in full awe of the fact that the Lake County Arts Council is now celebrating 33 years as a vibrant arts organization to Lake County.  We are pleased to be recognized by the Lake County Board of Supervisors as their official representative to the California Arts Council’s State-Local Partnership Program (SLPP).  This is only one of many programs funded and supported by the CA Arts Council, and I urge you to visit
to become more familiar with the workings of SLPP and other programs that may interest you.
In closing 2014, it becomes a good time to visit the impact of the Arts in California and that effect on Lake County and on LCAC.
                *Jobs:  The creative industry makes up 10% of the CA work force-
                *Economic Growth:  7.8% of CA’s GDP is from the creative industry-
                *Tourism:  Arts travelers stay longer and spend more dollars-
*Workforce Contributions:  The creative industry employs 1.4 million who earn $99.3 billion in annual income.
What does that mean to LCAC?  It means an increase of dollars to the CA Arts Council that is dispensed through various programs and projects.
CAC’s current annual budget is $10 million coming from 4 major sources: 1.) $5 million from the CA State General Fund, 2.) $1 million from the National Endowment for the Arts, 3.) $1 million from “Keep Arts In Schools”, 4.) $3 million from the sales and renewals of the CA Arts License Plate.  I urge you all to consider marking off both the Schools initiative on your taxes and obtaining an Arts license plate in support of the arts in CA.
The CA Arts Council’s board met in SFO on October 6th and peer panel reviewed LCAC’s State-Local Partnership Grant Application requesting $12,000.  We just learned that the recommended amount to Lake County is $10,973 and will have more details shortly.  There is a possibility for additional augmentation to that amount.
Here we are enjoying the wonderful bounty that Autumn brings to Lake County. Majestic Mt. Konocti, rolling hills, vineyards, orchards and our centerpiece, Clear Lake, surround us, while the arts community adds the performing arts, writers, and artists to further enrich our lives.  We truly are blessed with abundance of beauty and talent in our lives. Thank you all for making Lake County so special.


pictures from
2008 Spring Dance Festival May 3, 4!
Jensens - thumb link to dance page
above: Bonnie Ewing, former Volunteer Coordinator

Joan Holman
There is an album of pictures of Floyd at Arts Council functions here....
photo © Bert Hutt
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Spring Dance Festival
Click the logo above for a few pictures from the Dance Festival


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