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About the Lake County Arts Council

Members of the LCAC Board of Directors

Executive Director: Shelby Posada, 263-1871;

Board of Directors:
Treasurer — Betty Lou Surber, 263-4721;,
Secretary — Susan Krones, 263-2251;
Mike Adams, 279-9191;;  
Bob Carpenter;
Bonnie Ewing, 263-4738;

Staff and Office Volunteers:
Betty Lou Surber, The Great Oz;
Barbara Funke, Gift Shop;
Rosemary (toni) Hyden -  Wine Marketing
Marilyn Sommerfied, Host Coordinator, 279-1171
Susan Yeagan, Membership Coordinator

LCAC Media:
Lake County Arts Council site Webmaster and Editor, ArtNotes — Xian Yeagan,
Soper-Reese Community Theatre site Webmaster -- Wally Fuller

Gallery scheduling
Richard Seisser, is in charge of scheduling artists to show in the Gallery

Gallery Committee Members:
Barbara Lee, Chair
Barbara Funke, Secretary
Judy Cardinale, Terry Durnil, Toni Hyden, Diana Liebe, Shelby Posada, Richard Seisser

Soper Reese Theatre

Mike Adams, Theatre Executive Director
Wally Fuller, General Manager
Carol Hays, Business Manager & Marketing
Jane Ruggles, Box Office
Nancy Rhoades, Concessions
Andrea Adams, Volunteer Manager
Nina Marino, Fundraising Chair


From the desk of Shelby Posada, Executive Director of the Lake County Arts Council, July 10


Since our June meeting, a great deal has been taking place at the Gallery.  There is a great deal of excitement, interest and participation in our Summer Youth Art Camp.  To such a degree that additional classes have been added to the originally scheduled 17 classes in order to accommodate eager students wanting to take multiple classes.  Kudos, to Barbara Funke for taking charge of this project, to Barbara Lee for PR and assisting in class programming, and to all the wonderful instructors who are contributing their artistic talents to make these classes possible.                                                        

An application for the State-Local Partnership Program grant was submitted to the CA Arts Council on June 26th.  The Arts community is very excited that, on June 24th, Governor Brown signed a state budget giving a permanent increase to the CA Arts Council from the General Fund of $8.3 million.   The total budget for the CA Arts Council is $11.9 million, of which $1.1 million is received from the National Endowment for the Arts and $2.5 million from the sale and renewal of the Arts license plate.  This is the largest increase to the CA Arts Council since 2004 when the budget was cut from $30.  

In preparing to update LCAC’s Strategic Plan, I urge Board members to consider short and long term goals for this organization and to establish priorities and timelines in which to accomplish these goals. Any input from general membership is also welcome.  We are fortunate to have Gloria Flaherty as our facilitator.  Meeting is set for July 18.  Location is not yet determined.

Creativity and innovation drive California’s global leadership in establishing powerful enterprises, a strong workforce, and safe, inclusive communities.  Key to these factors is a thriving arts community.  Be proud you are part of the arts community and make a difference in the creative economy of Lake County and California.

In gratitude,


More and more the Arts are becoming recognized as a vital economic stimulus as well as an important cultural medium.  I thank each of you for your efforts in making this happen and bringing LCAC to the forefront in nurturing the growth of the Arts and our communities.

With gratitude,





pictures from
2008 Spring Dance Festival May 3, 4!
Jensens - thumb link to dance page
above: Bonnie Ewing, former Volunteer Coordinator

Joan Holman
There is an album of pictures of Floyd at Arts Council functions here....
photo © Bert Hutt
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Spring Dance Festival
Click the logo above for a few pictures from the Dance Festival


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