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Mike Adams, 279-9191;;  
Bob Carpenter;
Bonnie Ewing, 263-4738;

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Betty Lou Surber, The Great Oz;
Barbara Funke, Gift Shop;
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Marilyn Sommerfied, Host Coordinator, 279-1171
Susan Yeagan, Membership Coordinator

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Lake County Arts Council site Webmaster and Editor, ArtNotes — Xian Yeagan,
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Richard Seisser, is in charge of scheduling artists to show in the Gallery

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Barbara Lee, Chair
Barbara Funke, Secretary
Judy Cardinale, Terry Durnil, Toni Hyden, Diana Liebe, Shelby Posada, Richard Seisser

Soper Reese Theatre

Mike Adams, Theatre Executive Director
Wally Fuller, General Manager
Carol Hays, Business Manager & Marketing
Jane Ruggles, Box Office
Nancy Rhoades, Concessions
Andrea Adams, Volunteer Manager
Nina Marino, Fundraising Chair



APRIL, 2015

 Exciting events are taking place throughout California as Arts organizations prepared for the Confluence gathering at the state capitol in Sacramento on April 15th and 16th.  Each of the 51 State-Local Partners received additional funding to attend this important convening.  Meetings on the 15th were held at the Capitol, and time was set aside to meet with congressmen and senators and thank them for their support of the Arts.  A Governor’s reception wrapped up Wednesday’s meetings.

Thursday, the CA Arts Council and Boeing held meetings that include more than 30 speakers and presenters at the downtown Sheraton.  Barbara Funke and Linda Kelly attended the Confluence with me, and will be sharing their perspective on how this meeting impacted them.

 Auditions were held on Saturday, March 21st at the Lakeport Dance Studio.  This is LCAC’s largest fundraiser and our thanks to the four major instructors Antoinette, Sheila and Michelle for helping us to put on this production which is now in its 34th year. It’s amazing to see the talent grow from year to year.  Two performances will be held on Saturday, May 2nd at 6 PM and Sunday, May 3rd at 2 PM at the Soper Reese Theatre.  Please let Betty Lou know if you are able to help with refreshments.


Grant season is coming up with the CA Arts Council’s granting programs and a great opportunity to support the Arts on your tax return.  Last year, “Keep Art in Schools” raised $250,000 to support CAC’s arts programs, from poetry and writing, to music, dance, theater and the visual arts.  100% of the funds raised from your returns went directly to arts education and with no funds going to administration.  The dreaded April 15th is past, but I do hope that you checked off “Keep Art In Schools” on your 2014 tax return.

Adding to this is our participation in the Youth Orchestra program at the Theatre and the Summer Youth Art Camp coming up in its 4th year beginning mid June, thanks to Barbara Funke and Barbara Lee and their fine organizational skills and the instructors who participate in encouraging our young artists.  We also appreciate the support of Kiwanis in this program.

Now for really exciting news, the Assembly Budget Committee approved $10 million in recurring funding to the California Arts Council!  Now, more work ahead of us in promoting this funding in the Senate, and with energy that I experienced in Sacramento, I believe we will reach our goal.

Thank you to all who give of their time and talents to keep LCAC a vibrant and thriving organization.  We look forward to how the winds steer us under the direction of Susan Krones as our new president. 

In gratitude,





pictures from
2008 Spring Dance Festival May 3, 4!
Jensens - thumb link to dance page
above: Bonnie Ewing, former Volunteer Coordinator

Joan Holman
There is an album of pictures of Floyd at Arts Council functions here....
photo © Bert Hutt
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Spring Dance Festival
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