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About the Lake County Arts Council

Members of the LCAC Board of Directors

Executive Director: Shelby Posada,

Board of Directors:
Susan Krones--President, 263-2251;;
Bob Carpenter--Vice President, 279-4193,;
Barbara Lee--Acting Sec,
Treasurer — Betty Lou Surber, 263-4721;;

Mike Adams 279-9191;
Jane Alameda 263-1871;;
Linda Kelly;
Conni Kosla
Martha Mincer 570/903-5011;

Staff and Office Volunteers:
Betty Lou Surber, The Great Oz;
Barbara Funke, Gift Shop Manager;
Carol Dobusch, Art in Public Places;
Membership Chair,
Marilyn Sommerfield, Host Coordinator, 279-1171

In charge of scheduling artists to show in the Gallery, Richard Seisser

Gallery Committee Members:
Barbara Lee, Chair
Barbara Funke, Secretary;
Betty Lou Surber, Treasurer.
Terry Durnil, Toni Hyden, Diana Liebe, Shelby Posada.

Soper Reese Theatre
Mike Adams, Executive Director
Wally Fuller, General Manager
Carol Hays, Business Manager & Marketing
Jane Ruggles, Box Office
Nancy Rhoades, Concessions
Andrea Adams, Volunteer Manager
Nina Marino, Fundraising Chair



As a round up to the 2015 Summer Youth Art Camp, Barbara Lee made a thank you presentation to the Kiwanis and also presented additional information on why the Arts bring value to Californians.  The Arts are essential to a well-rounded education, stronger economies, cohesive communities, healthy lifestyles and a fulfilling quality of life. Barbara Lee’s talk will be followed by a thank you letter composed by Barbara Funke to the same organization and individuals.  Well done to all involved.  Thank you.

We have received the wrap-up of our Retreat/Strategic Planning Session from Gloria Flaherty, which is included in your board packet.  From that meeting, a new and more direct purpose/mission statement was proposed:  “To promote and support the growth of the arts in Lake County”, and a “Tag Line” or bumper sticker: ART! IT’S EVERYWHERE!  The session provided us with a clearer picture of the strengths and weaknesses of LCAC and where we need to concentrate our energies and efforts to build this organization.

Succession planning was also an important part of the retreat.  As part of that planning, I will resign the position of Executive Director in October 2018.  I will present the board with a detailed job description and, should the board so chose, assist in identifying my successor.  I would like to continue on the board and work with LCAC committees and events and continue to be a spokesperson for the importance of the arts in our communities.  Other positions on this board have been identified as critical to LCAC operations, and it would be wise to evaluate both planned and unplanned successions for these individuals. 

This Strategic Planning Session was only the “tip of the iceberg” in helping us to focus on the tasks ahead.  I am looking forward to working with this board, established committees, and the public and private sectors in accomplishing the “action items” as identified in our Strategic Planning Session.

An important and vital aspect of any organization is a strong board that it ready to provide input and action in leading us forward.  Thank you to Barbara Lee, Martha Mincer, Jane Alexander and Linda Kelly for joining the crew.  Your input is invaluable to the strengthening of LCAC.

In gratitude to all,  






A few idiosyncratic memories of Gillian Maggid Billester.

 By Xian Yeagan

I can’t speak of Gillian’s youth, or health, or her employment history. Systemic chance threw us together under certain conditions, and when the conditions changed, our ways parted, so I only really knew her for a few years, and only in the setting of the Arts Council. Of course she made a great impression on me, and on the Arts Council.


She was the Executive Director of the Lake County Arts Council when I arrived in town, must have been in 2000 or 2001. I was looking for something to do to get me out of the house and seeing things and meeting people. I was just what she was looking for, I think. It wasn’t long before I was working inside the shabby ruin that was the Soper-Reese, building a stage for a student - produced play, and on the Board of Directors.


She seemed like a normal person to me, newly arrived from San Francisco as I was. That is to say she was perceptive, empathetic, intelligent, wily, capable, creative, bohemian... It was easy for me to talk to her; I never said anything I didn’t think she understood immediately. She could do politics in the art-community environment as few others could. But she had come to this obscure corner of the world because she had no desire for the noise and clamor that her talents could have bought her in the city. In fact it was the noise and the clamor, the politics and the competition in the other-than-arts-community, which attached itself to her, unbidden and undesired, and caused her to retire from the Executive Director post when she did. That corresponded with the drying-up of state money for the arts.


She had done a great deal with very little money up until then. The Winter Music Fest was her idea. She helped the infant Spring Dance Festival grow up to the beautiful lady it has become. Gillian collaborated with Mr. Soper; he put up the money and she put up with all the people with agendas that grew up around that, and they bought the theater from Mr. Reese. None of that was easy, either, and it never got any easier. This isn’t the place to tell the tale of that time, though it was a full and bitter-sweet era. Maybe someday I’ll write a play around that plot. Anyway, the Arts Council lost a woman who had done a great deal to foster the arts to the surprising life they show today in this backwater. She went on to be a dynamic part of Dale Billester’s  lock smithy and rock and role bass business. After that, we didn’t see much of her. I don’t think she could look the Main Street Gallery and the Arts Council in the eye after all that. Too painful, the past; onward!


I’m pretty sure that now she is talking Michelangelo and Vivaldi into doing some volunteer work, getting young spirits to the easel or music stand. Onward!



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