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About the Lake County Arts Council

Members of the LCAC Board of Directors

Executive Director: Shelby Posada, 263-1871;

Board of Directors:
Treasurer — Betty Lou Surber, 263-4721;,
Secretary — Susan Krones, 263-2251;
Mike Adams, 279-9191;;  
Bob Carpenter;
Bonnie Ewing, 263-4738;

Staff and Office Volunteers:
Betty Lou Surber, The Great Oz;
Barbara Funke, Gift Shop;
Rosemary (toni) Hyden -  Wine Marketing
Marilyn Sommerfied, Host Coordinator, 279-1171
Susan Yeagan, Membership Coordinator

LCAC Media:
Lake County Arts Council site Webmaster and Editor, ArtNotes — Xian Yeagan,
Soper-Reese Community Theatre site Webmaster -- Wally Fuller

Gallery scheduling
Richard Seisser, is in charge of scheduling artists to show in the Gallery

Gallery Committee Members:
Barbara Lee, Chair
Barbara Funke, Secretary
Judy Cardinale, Terry Durnil, Toni Hyden, Diana Liebe, Shelby Posada, Richard Seisser

Soper Reese Theatre

Mike Adams, Theatre Executive Director
Wally Fuller, General Manager
Carol Hays, Business Manager & Marketing
Jane Ruggles, Box Office
Nancy Rhoades, Concessions
Andrea Adams, Volunteer Manager
Nina Marino, Fundraising Chair




A great big round of applause to the instructors who conducted more than 18 classes during the Summer Youth Art Camp held at the Main Street Gallery in June and July!  Classes were not restricted to our youth, and enthusiastic adults also enrolled to join in these art experiences and are requesting more classes during the upcoming months. Of course these classes would not have taken place without the strong organizational skills of Barbara Funke and Barbara Lee.   

LCAC’s Strategic Planning session took place on July 18th under the guidance of Gloria Flaherty, and the results of that meeting will be ready for review shortly. Thank you to Mike Adams for making it possible for us to use the fine meeting room at Mendocino College Lake Side.  Thank you, also to all who attended.  Your input was invaluable in forming guidelines for the future direction of LCAC. 

On July 31 and, in spite of the smoky air, LCAC hosted a booth at Concert’s in the Park, thanks to Mike Adams and Carol Hays from the Soper Reese Theatre for manning the booth and to the Lakeport Main Street Association for providing the space.  It was a great opportunity for the visual and theatrical arts to interact with the popular sounds of Bill Noteman and the Rockets in this popular community setting.   

 The Arts make up 8% of California’s state product, provide 10% of jobs to Californians and is the number one attribute sought by today’s employers.  Today, California’s focus is on “Creativity” and how it enriches our lives, spurs on education, combines community resources, and drives our economy-locally, statewide, nationally and globally.  We are fortunate that Lake County, although rural, is rich in all aspects of the arts and is recognized as an important facet in the well being of our educational, business and political communities. 

Thank you for all you do to promote and support the Arts in Lake County.

In gratitude,





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